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Fina'denne' 🌶 is a mission-driven social enterprise.

We create products and services that benefit Indigenous communities. We're currently in the process of becoming a Nonprofit organization in California. 

We launched the Red Rice & Fina'denne' podcast

Jaybyrd🐦 Castro host's a podcast that explores the CHamoru culture.

It's where stories from people of the Pacific Ocean come to land and, talk by talk, weave a collective story of how we survived to live fully.

It's available on in all the places and right here on this website.

Listen to The Podcast

Like the popular CHamoru table sauce named fina'denne', when you add our simple ingredients to your magic, we empower the community and celebrate our vibrant cultures and traditions.

Our team comprises engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, and organizational development specialists. Combined, we have 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience and 30+ years of technology experience in Silicon Valley.

Biba CHamoru! Biba Marianas!

Manaotao Sanlagu

We're grateful and very excited to partner with Manny Crisostomo on his visual documentary titled "Manaotao Sanlagu: CHamorus from the Marianas". 📸

Through Brand Marinade, a CHamoru-owned creative agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're a catalyst to bring his vision to life.

Please support our work by purchasing our book Håcha na Lepblo, (Book One) Manaotao Sanlagu: CHamorus from the Marianas

You'll view the diversity in our people in a book showcasing the nearly 600 CHamoru portraits that Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Manny Crisostomo photographed this past year. Thank's for your support ❤️

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CHamoru or Chamorro refers to the Indigenous people and the language from the Marianas Islands. Learn more about this Pacifika culture through the lens of this Guampedia article about Agad’na: CHamoru Canoe Builders.

I Sakman i Fino'-ta - The Vessel of Our Language

In partnership with Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua, we created a safe space to practice and immerse ourselves in the CHamoru language. With I Sakman, we'll get more CHamoru content online and searchable for the world to view.

Anggen ti hita, pues håyi? If we don't do it, who will?

Visit iSakman.com

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We recognize and honor those already doing this work. We hope our learnings and contributions can benefit, empower, and celebrate you. Our philosophy is rooted in the past, present, and future CHamoru people and values. We uphold the 7 Generations Thinking, where we design for the 3 generations before us, the current generation, and the 3 future generations.

So go ahead, ask your question or give us feedback. We're always learning and growing. And we thrive off of enthusiasm, so share what you're working on, whether it's an idea or a solution or you just want to connect over a Zoom call.