Current Projects

We strive to create products and services that celebrate the CHamoru culture through preservation and economic development projects and partnerships that promote equity and boost social cohesion. We ensure that all of our projects align to our Strategic Objectives.

  • Cultural Connection

    Develop online and in-person strategies that encourages language learning and culture sharing.

  • Workforce Development

    Cultivate relationships across industries to create an integrated approach for addressing employment and training needs of the community.

  • Technology Creation

    Create and manage the online tools and services that facilitate the operational objective goals and bring the organization's mission to life.


eCommerce, business or project formation, tech tools, UX design, service design, business strategies, organizational development, change management, and much more.

I Sakman I Fino'ta

Anggen ti hita, pues håyi? I Sakman is a CHamoru language content site with the goal to inspire and facilitate the creation of more online content in CHamoru.

Manaotao Sanlagu

As early project adopters and supporters to Manny Crisostomo, Fina'denne' is a proud partner to the visual documentary “Manaotao Sanlagu nah Chamoru Ginen Marianas,” translated as “our people, the CHamorus, overseas.”


Fina'denne' is grateful to partner and advise Guampedia, an ongoing and dynamic project that provides important educational and informational resources about the CHamoru culture and Mariana Islands.

Brand Marinade

Brand Marinade is the eCommerce machine behind many online creators and businesses, including Fina'denne'.

Hafa Adai Golf Classic

Fina'denne' supports the Hafa Adai Golf Classic organization as the web master and divot filling master.

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