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Fina'denne' by Sabyu x Brand Marinade (Compact Disc)

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We made a song about Fina'denne' on a bit of whim.  Then we made some cover art.  Then we made big jugs of actual Fina'denne' sauce.  Then it turned into a CD.  Then is turned into an apparel collection.

From Sabyu...

Fina'denne' is a traditional Chamoru sauce made of simple ingredients... but when paired with other foods, Fina'denne' brings out the best qualities of them. This is how we want to live our day to day lives - bringing our skills and energy to our community to bring the best out of everyone involved.

Sabyu & Brand Marinade plan to release this song alongside an opportunity to order homemade Fina'denne' sauce so you can taste it for yourself and be part of our story.

You can also stream it on all the platforms too. But who doesn't want a CD to keep in your glove box of your car so you have something to play when your bluetooth stops working!  Plus it has a 4 page insert too!!!