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House of Taga T-Shirt - Ash Stone

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This graphic pays tribute to some of the early imagery of CHamoru history, the House of Taga Megaliths on Tinian Island in the Mariana Islands. It was drawn by Jacques Araga in 1819.

This is printed using a soft hand, single-pass screen print on a 305 mesh screen for a faint print on the shirt.  Soft and subtle on a faded ash stone shirt pays tribute to the ancient Latte Stones that are indigenous to CHamoru people. 

Latte is a CHamoru term that refers to stone pillars and cup-shaped capitals or capstones, which represent house supports and are ascribed to the ancient people of the Mariana Islands. Latte Stones are a symbol of pride to CHamoru people. 

This shirt is incredibly soft.

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